Hey gorgeous gal! Are you ready to feel more confident in your skin? Are you new to the makeup world and ready to take the guesswork out of what makeup you should buy for yourself!? Or maybe you’ve always loved makeup, but want to vamp up your collection and don’t have the time to do your own research on the products that will be best for you.


Well that’s perfect! I am now offering you the chance to shop with me for all of your makeup must-haves! I’ve put together a program that offers the best budget-concious makeup recommendations that are personalized to you and your beauty routine wants!

How does it work!?

You will fill out a brief questionnaire that will get into the specifics of what you’re looking to accomplish and take away from our shopping venture. This questionnaire will go over your skin type, your goals, and what makeup and experience level you’ve had up to this point!

Once you forward your completed questionnaire back to me, I will reach out to you to schedule a time and place to meet at an Ulta store near you so that I can walk you through which products I recommend that are specific to your needs and wants!

Note: the Shop With Me! price of $35 is specifically my service fee, it does NOT include any products you choose to buy during our shopping trip.


Are you ready to vamp up your makeup routine by scheduling a Shop With Me! trip? Contact us now at




Alright, so now you have all of these gorgeous new products to play with, but you might be thinking, “now what?” After your Shop With Me! trip you have the option to add a personalized one on one makeup session with me! During this makeup training I will show you how to go about creating the perfect look with your new items. I will walk you through the uses of each item, how to apply, and guide you through how to go about creating your desired look by demonstrating the techniques I use to create a flawless makeup application so that you know what to do at home when you’re getting ready!


But that’s not all! After our session, I will send you your own personalized Makeup Menu that breaks down each product and tool that you purchased during our shopping trip and a description of the steps we took to achieve your final makeup look. That way, you don’t have to worry about taking notes or memorizing every detail we go over and you can start to confidently step into your new makeup routine right away without any stress or guesswork!


Accompanying your Shop With Me! service with a Makeup Demonstration using the products that you purchased and/or already own, will increase the total service price. 


Shop With Me! & Makeup Demo

What’s Included:

  • A Shop With Me Trip to your local Ulta store
  • A personalized Makeup Menu describing all of your new products and how to use them.
  • A demonstration in person on how to properly use your new products and tools to achieve your desired look.
  • Practice of new techniques with personal guidance.
  • Instant confidence boost and know-how to create the perfect makeup look of your choice!

Are you ready to vamp up your makeup routine by scheduling a Shop With Me! & Makeup Demonstration session? Contact us now at



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