LaVergne Behind the Lashes

Hello hello, welcome to LaVergne Lashes, I’m so glad you’re here! I wanted to introduce myself; Im Kelsey LaVergne and I’m the owner of LaVergne Lashes!
I wanted to give you an insight into what this brand is and why I created it. The year of 2018 had been a huge movement of personal development and growth for me. I’ve done so much work toward finding self love and building a beautiful mindset toward creating confidence within myself. Along this journey, I realized that so many of us women are way too hard on ourselves. We often compare our lives to the highlight reels of other women on social media, we feel like we have to have our shit together at all times and be perfect at all of the roles we play within a single day, whether that’s wife, mom, student, daughter, or career woman. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for all that we do, and most importantly, all too often we don’t set ourselves as a priority in our daily to-do list. Sound Familiar?
We put so much pressure on ourselves to be what we think we should be instead of trusting in the fact that who we are in our true identity is already everything we were meant to be.
 So I know what you’re thinking, what the hell does this have to do with lashes!? Well! I wanted to combine my two passions of personal development and false lashes. I have always been a diehard makeup up lover and during those really hard times of doubting myself, makeup was the passion I turned to in order to get my mind set back in a positive direction. I guess you could say that every time I sat down in a makeup chair, it was like my own personal therapy sesh. 
When I created LaVergne Lashes I knew I wanted this brand to be more than just a beautiful lash line, I wanted each lash to be a symbol of the worthiness that each and every one of you have. Whenever you put on a pair of LaVergne Lashes I want you to be reminded of the fierce badass woman that you are. I want every pair of lashes to be a source of allowing you to connect to your higher self, the version of yourself that you feel most confident in taking on the world to accomplish every dream that you have.  To me, LaVergne Lashes is so much more than a beautiful lash line, it’s a movement to empower women to own their worth, prioritize their happiness, and become fiercely confident in their true selves.
LaVergne Lashes is on a mission to not only provide beautiful lightweight lashes that accentuate your eye shape and makeup look, but to also bring together a community of strong women who need a swift reminder of who and what they are; fiercely unstoppable. We want to build up a community of women who are not afraid to let their inner fierceness take the lead in creating a life of their greatest dreams. At LaVergne Lashes we know that you beautiful Lash Babes are worthy of feeling like your best damn self. However, we also know that sometimes life gets in the way and our priorities get shifted. As women we are constantly focused on taking care of everything and everyone but the star of the show; ourselves. The fact of the matter is that in the whirlwind that is our daily lives, we can so easily forget that not only are we rockstars, but the importance of making space in our lives for self care. LaVergne Lashes’ mission is to step in as a reminder that the best way for you to show up as the fiercest version of you in all aspects of your life, is to first show up for yourself! ‘Cause honey, you and I both know, that you are only at your best when you feel beautiful.
xoxo, LaVergne Lashes 


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